Saturday, February 19, 2011

Win a GC worth Php1,000!

Ok, I'm posting the GC photo again!

For more information on Bistro Filipino, you can visit their website:

Here are the contest mechanics:

1. Follow this blog.
2. Like my friend's FB page GraffLink:
3. Answer this question:  "What is your favorite comfort food?" Post your answer in the comment section at the end of this blog post. (You must follow steps 1-3 to be eligible for this contest.)
4. Contest period:  February 19 - March  5, 2011.
5. The winner will be chosen via a raffle draw.
6.  I will send the GC to the winner through a courier service.
7. This contest is open to Metro Manila residents only.

Note: This contest is not in any way sponsored by Bistro Filipino. I won this GC in an offline promo conducted by YUMMY magazine last year and I've decided to give it away to one of this blog's readers.


Watch out for the next giveaway: 50 ml  "Modern" perfume by Banana Republic.


  1. Wow! thanks for this giveaway. liked the page and am already a follower of this blog.

    My favorite comfort food: chocolate cake!!! (choco mousse or black forest!).

  2. My favorite comfort food: ICE CREAM!!! lots and lots of ice cream :)

  3. My favorite comfort food: chocolate (lindt, cadbury, godiva, dove, hersheys, basta kahit anong chocolate hehehe. chocnut nga pwede na rin hahaha)

    Maria Lea
    (i'm using yahoo account to comment here)

  4. Followed GFC (dementia)
    Liked on FB Karen Ang
    Fave comfort food: milk chocolate, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, mashed potatoes

  5. My favorite comfort food is Red Ribbon empanada.

    Followed the blog and liked the page. :)

  6. My favorite comfort food is buffalo wings! :)

    liked and followed you :)

  7. Cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake.

    Followed you on twitter and liked your page.

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  9. My favorite comfort foods are fried chicken and onion rings! Yummy! :)

  10. California Maki - a whole "bilao" of it, like the ones sold in flea markets and in groceries. It is very easy to eat and you can choose the degree of "spicy-ness" with the amount of Wasabi you add to it. It is also a complete meal in itself.

    I hope to win. :D

  11. My comfort foods would be double cheeseburger and Large Coke Lite from Mcdonalds... Whenever Im feeling down specially have fight over my hubby, I'd buy those food and it really make me happy. I forget whatever fight or argument we had. It may sound weird but I don't know what's with Mcdo's coke lite. I always want it Large.

  12. My favorite comfort food is champorado.

  13. 1. Followed your blog, if you pleased to do so, you can follow mine,

    2. Liked your fan page, username : Rolly Pega Nunez

    3. My favorite comfort food is Dark Chocolate, the bitter, the better or 90% cacao. yum!

  14. Fave comfy food would have to be spaghetti bolognese, which tames the monster in me

  15. My comfort foods are Sylvanas and isaw sa UP Diliman! Kapag depress ako (e.g. bagsak sa exam) kumakain akong isaw.

  16. Following you as meki and on FB (mkcarolino) :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    My comfort food is Country Style's Triple Choco Boom doughnut. It's the store nearest to our office and we go back multiple times just to chance upon the new stock!

  17. followed.

    i'm a sweet tooth. so anything sweet! latest comfort food = mango float/fridge cake!

  18. "Ice-cream" my best friend, it elevates my mood and keep me happy throughout the day.. There is nothing better than this for an evening after long hours of work.<3<3

    thanks for this great giveaway!

  19. chocolate, ice cream and cakes. yum!

  20. Followed your blog and liked your friend's FB page. My favorite comfort food is banana-q. It reminds me of my childhood and all those long walks from school to our house while my dad and I share a stick of fried banana-q.

  21. I already followed your blog and liked Grafflink page in FB :D

    My favorite comfort food is Choco Honey Dipped doughnut from Dunkin Donuts! Whenever I stop by Ministop, I never forget to buy some and munch on them while working, watching tv series, or whenever I don't feel like eating anything, I turn to these yummy sweets. I love it!

  22. Followed as ruthilicious.
    Like the FB page.

    My comfort food is chocolates. Remind me of childhood when chocolate can make me feel better despite kids war and puppy love-aches! :)

  23. hello!
    followed you and liked the FB page
    my comfort foods are any pasta dishes and sans rival...

  24. my comfort food is beefsteak made by mom :)
    whenever i misses my dad, i call up my mom and make lambing and ask her to cook beefsteak for my kids:)

    i'm new to blogging so please do follow me:)

  25. done with step 1-3

    hmm.. my comfort food would be spaghetti and pizza! anyting pasta would make me feel happy..

  26. Like the FB page.

    My favorite comfort foods are Buko Salad, Ice Cream and Chocolates.

  27. My comfort food would be Chocolate Chip Cookies. Whenever i feel down & blue after eating my chocolate cookies makes me feel happy. It bring back lots of happy childhood memories.

    Im using my yahoo id to comment in this post:


  28. Masuki's asado siopao and siomai would always evoke wonderful childhood memories of Saturday night Binondo dinners with my family. It never fails to brighten my dreary days. =)

    Tin Solis-Kiok
    Google connect id: Tin S

  29. I love CHOCOLATE..this is my comport foods.. everyday and everywhere it easy to bring and eat. Good Ambiance is still at Chocolate..Yummy delicious and sweet like me Good boy because of chocolate..:)

  30. 1. already a follower of your blog
    2. liked the FB page.
    3. Tortang talong (without the giniling na baboy ha) is my favorite comfort food.

    Vivian Aguilar

  31. followed, and like the Grafflink on fb

    My comfort food, pasta, spaghetti, baked macaroni, any way a pasta was cooked, I really love it, the satisfaction I get was superb, it completes my day!!

  32. I followed the blog and liked the page.
    My comfort food = pizza and spaghetti! yummy! :)

  33. My Favorite comfort food is cheeseburger.. yumyum.

    I followed the Blog.
    I liked the page.

  34. Comfort food = greasy slice of bacon & cheese pizza. Guilt-filled but you don't think about that when talking comfort food haha.

    Followed and liked! =)

  35. My favorite comfort food is chocolate cake. Simply love it!

    Already a follower of your blog and "Liked" Grafflink.


  36. my favorite comfort foot is FRIES .. so love it eating together with my son who also loves FRIES.

    --> followed blog
    --> LIKED fanpage

    email -->

    hoping to win

  37. - followed your blog
    - liked Grafflink's FB page
    My favorite comfort food is Choc-Nut!

  38. blog follower - czaroma

    liked GraffLink FB page

    my comfort foods are cakes and chocolates!

  39. My favorite comfort food is adobo and monggo.

  40. I am now following your blog (Marichu Zablan).
    I have liked your friend's FB account-Grafflink (Choy Zablan).
    My favorite comfort food is spaghetti. :)))

    Hope I win. Keeping my fingers crossed. ;)

  41. I'm now your following your blog [Dash Estefani] and I've already liked the FB page.

    The ultimate comfort food for me would have to be a piping hot bowl of Ted's La Paz Batchoy.

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway! :D

  42. my ultimate comfort is the home made spaghetti of my sister super love it because its Filipino style sweet with condensed milk hmmmm yummy=)

  43. my favorite comfort food is beef kaldereta because it is a classic filipino dish that truly taste the palate.

  44. "What is your favorite comfort food?"

    My comfort food is mangga with bagoong. Whenever i get so lonely and not in the mood i would find myself eating mangga with my favorite cooked bagoong..

    followed and liked

  45. Followed and Liked.

    My favorite comfort food is ice cream and fruits mango, grapes, banana) as a healthier option too.

    More power!=)

  46. followed and liked

    now for my comfort food taran! chocolate cake of course yummy it makes me happy!!!!

  47. "What is your favorite comfort food?

    ice cream.. its melts in my mouth

    followed already'

    lorenzo ocampo

  48. I drink beer with my fave pulutan, sisig when I fel down. :)

    followed on Twitter and liked on FB

  49. I drink beer with my fave pulutan, sisig when I fel down. :)

    followed on Twitter and liked on FB

  50. My favorite comfort food is corn with cheese mixed with a dash of brown sugar and a bit of butter. I can even survive a day watching Asian dramas only eating this!

  51. monchit said.....

    My favorite comfort food is a cake called "Death by chocolate" really really good!

  52. whenever i feel so stressed i crave for chocolates.. especially dark takes away my stress.

  53. My favorite comfort food is Green Pichay, it taste good.

    jayson biadog

  54. My favorite comfort food is BIKO! :)

  55. Sushi!!! the best comfort food!

  56. My comfort food is Mandarin Orange Peel, it really have a distinctive taste.

    Orange peel pic

  57. I'm already your follower
    already like you friend fb page
    my comfort food is ice cream.


  58. Joehlyn Grace MartosFebruary 26, 2011 at 12:51 PM

    My Favorite comfort food is chocolate... any kind will do...

  59. followed and liked

    my comfort food is chocolates.

  60. i'm your follower and liked grafflink fan page

    my comfort food is pizza !!!

  61. followed and liked. :)

    comfort food: chocolates. :)

  62. Hot salty fries and Coke float :)

  63. followed and like your fan page

    my comfort food is chocolate cake.

  64. I'm your follower and liked grafflink page

    my comfort foods are, spaghetti, pizza, ice cream and chocolates.

  65. My favorite comfort foods are french macarons and carbonara! <3

  66. My comfort food is chocolate of course! :)

  67. My comfort food is cheese sticks!!!!
    I LOVE CHEESE!!!!!!! = D

  68. Yes! I am now an official follower of this blog though have been visiting this frequently.

    I liked you in my facebook - Samuel Marty Santos

    My fave comfort food is pasta and pizza. They are just perfect combination and luscious to
    my craving.

  69. followed (unggoybanana)
    liked (Sachi Goripanda)

    My favorite comfort food is chocolate- not just eating it, but more MAKING it. So therapeutic.