Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Who Wants a GC?

First, I'd like to congratulate myself for creating this blog yesterday. And because I felt it was such an achievement, I'm feeling a bit generous today. I'm going to give away a Bistro Filipino gift certificate worth Php1000. I'll post the contest mechanics next week.

Now, I gotta work. Gotta beat my deadlines!


  1. Sigh! Why can't I change the date? I set it to "automatic", it should be February 9, 2011. Last night I could not post pics. I had to install a Google extension (app) so I can access the pics in my hard drive. Sigh again. So many things to learn pa. aargh!

  2. hah! I feel silly. I was able to adjust the time (settings, Manila time). Previously, my posts time stamp was set to Pacific time. whew! I learn something each day hehe