Saturday, February 26, 2011

Art T-Shirts at Tilteed

I really love T-shirts. They are comfy, and casual. Put a nice blazer over it and you can achieve a chic look. Plain shirts are okay, but printed shirts, especially Art T-Shirts, always make me drool. I've recently discovered a site that sells and prints Art T-Shirts. Here's the link: The site prints a new Art T-Shirt every 72 hours. Wow! How cool is that? And site members can vote for their favorite designs. And T-shirt designers who win get their shirts printed. And they get paid  $500. Wow!!!

As for me, my favorite is the Dead Head design. You can check out the details here: Or better yet, look at the photo above.

The shirt features a large skull, but the image is not terrifying at all. Look closely (I suggest you check out the link of the tee because it contains a very detailed image of the design) and you will see flowers, leaves, spider webs, hearts, diamonds, snails, cross and an inverted spade. The skull's teeth, at first glance, kinda look like ladyfingers :). The more you look at it, the more you discover other facets of the design. The tee's creator is Craig Watkins. And I looked up his other designs as well.  They are simply incredible. But the Dead Head remains my favorite. To create this design in juts one color shows off the artist's artistry and mastery of his craft. And I like the way he created the concept of death in this tee. In other cultures, death is not a morbid topic. In fact, other cultures celebrate death.

I really, really want to have this shirt. Maybe I'll harass my brother who lives in Ohio to buy me this shirt and then ask him to send it over here. :)

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  1. eww! sorry for the typo. It should be "just" not juts (wehehe).