Tuesday, February 8, 2011

To join or not to join

February 7, 2011, 4:00p.m.

My friends and I are having coffee in a coffee shop. Following are some excerpts of our conversation:

Me:  I’m planning to join a contest.

Friend1: What’s the prize? (Friend2 raises one of her eyebrows.)

Me: A Galaxy Tab.

Friend2: What do you need a Galaxy Tab for? You don’t even use your Ipod Touch…

Me: Hello!!! A Galaxy Tab is different from an iPod Touch, and besides…

Friend1: (Interrupts rudely) I hope it’s not a singing or dancing contest hehe.

Me: (Laughs.) Of course not, and I am not that desperate.  And I can’t sing and dance, you know that! Don’t try to be funny (in a growling voice).

Friend2: Ok, so spill. What do you have to do?

Me: Well, I have to submit a photo or a video or a blog post. It must say something about me. I’m planning to submit a blog post.

Friend1: You don’t have a blog!

Me: I’ll create one.

Friend1:  Hah! You’ve been talking of creating one since … forever

Friend2: (Chimes in.) Yeah.  Since 2007? Or was it 2006? And now, it’s 2011.

Me: Stop snickering, you two. I will definitely create one this month… (thinks for a few seconds) after I finished my work assignments.

Friend2: When will this contest end?

Me:  February 11,  this year of course.

Friend1: And when is the deadline of your latest assignment?

Me: February 11

Friends 1&2: HAH!!!

Friend 1: Then you won’t be able to join this contest (sips her coffee and smiles at me in an infuriating way).

Friend2:  Yeah, say goodbye to Galaxy Tab hehe.

Me: (Annoyed). Ok, let’s have a bet. 200 bucks if I can’t make it.

Friend1: Make it 500, sis. (Friend 2 is laughing.)

Me: Ok, deal!

Friend1: Come Friday, I will be 500 bucks richer than you hehe.

Me: Don’t keep your hopes up!

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