Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Symptoms of a Contest Addict

(Disclaimer: This list is based on my observations and opinions, Ok? I admit I'm a contest junkie, but please, don't take this seriously!)

1.   Surfs the web every day  (sometimes every hour) for  contests or giveaways.

2.       Reads the entries of other contestants to see how creative they are (and he sometimes compares their entries with his).

3.       Visits regularly websites or FB pages that hold contests.

4.       “Likes” all FB pages that hold contests then “unlikes” sites or pages that hold bogus contests.

5.       Gets depressed or disappointed when he loses.

6.       Gets an emotional  “high” (read: very happy) when he wins something (e.g., a cap, movie tickets or a box of doughnuts).

7.       Spends most of his time thinking of creative contest entries.

8.       Harasses his friends or relatives to “like” his entries on FB.

9.       Gets envious of contest winners (Bakit ganun? Siya na lang lagi ang nananalo. Bakit ang malas ko? Bakeeet? Bakeeet? Bad trip talaga!) and even memorizes names of winners (OMG!This guy won a Nikon camera last month and now he wins a Samsung champ! Arrghh!)

10.   Hates the winners (read: concealed antagonism) from other sites who join contests that he is joining (Eto na naman ito, hindi mag-give chance to others. Kainis ito talaga!)

11.   Forgets to do some errands and chores (doing laundry, cooking food, cleaning the house and yard) because he spends too much time online (on FB, Twitter, etc.)

12.   Eats ice cream or any comfort food to chase away his depression (because he lost) and then goes back again to those sites, fervently hoping that they will hold other contests.

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