Monday, March 21, 2011

New GC Winner!

I held another raffle. Why? Because the previous GC winner, until now, has failed to get in touch with me. I already sent her a message through  GFC. Also, I announced the winner on March 7, 2011,  so  I think I have given her enough time to contact me and claim her prize. The GC will expire on May 31, 2011, this is why I am keen to send it immediately to the winner.

Also, I'm sorry that I have not included any time frame regarding claiming of prizes in the giveaway's mechanics. I just didn't expect that this situation will arise. Anyway, I did an old-fashioned raffle for the second time.

So, let me announce the new winner!

Congratulations, Patricia!

You are the new winner of the Bistro Filipino GC worth Php 1,000.

Please get in touch with me within 5 days. If you don't e-mail me within 5 days, I will be compelled to forfeit the prize.  I know I'm being so strict here. But doing the raffle for the third time is no longer an option.

My e-mail:

I hope to hear from you the soonest possible. And again, congratulations!

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  1. Thank you very much. I already sent an e-mail the other day. I also included my contact details. Again, thanks!!! Mwaah!!!